Her love for a comfortable life some day bewitched her body and soul.

That night was cold and the sound of loud music never seemed to end soon. So this man got hold of her,holding her left hand so tight…she couldn’t scream or shout back.On her right hand she held a metallic tray. And after some time this man let her go after her manager intervened.

Maria rushed to the locker room to let it all out .Her friend consoled her trying to explain how this man liked her ..but maria never listened.She had to wipe her tears and go back to her hustle.

Through the night millions of questions ran through her mind.But she had no option.It was adecision she had made to make life in the city comfortable and easy.

At  4:30am she headed home .She had to walk home,she couldn’t afford to take a bus home like her workmates.That road was spooky at night.But she walked without fear.she was as bold as Beauchamp.

But she walked home with satisfaction and happiness knowing she was able to work for her own money.

Maria had to take 3hours of sleep before she could start her day again at school.The cold night’s made her wheez throughout her few hours of sleep.

Despite all these Maria was optimistic that all that would end soon.


I fear.I fear love.I fear bieng lied to.I fear tearing like a river that has burst its banks .

I fear wasting time ,and as my friends will be heartbroken and will be changing boyfriends after every month,I fear wasting time.

I fear ending this remaining years without knowing myself and understanding my career,and so I choose this time as me time.

I fear dependency,having to stick around someone because I can not do without them.I fear being a parasite in a relationship,so I choose to be alone.

I fear being a love guru,as people do 😤,yet they aren’t ,their love pops out for a while and then one day all their gram pics together are deleted.😂

I fear addiction.Permit me to state,Smoking weed doesn’t make you cooler than others. Being a night person and a party master doesn’t either.☺

I fear not being able to define love .I fear not being able to differentiate it with lust .I fear when it’s not Godly .I fear when it’s an influenced decision.

Many words made simpler is that we are who we are ,everyone has their own decisions..this are just mine ..Love is amazing and this was just my view ..after all everyone has a right to express their views. #fear #love

It never hurts to make good decisions.

African parents

I was listening to some Rhumba song today and I remembered how my mother was a real African parent.

She used to turn on the radio very early in the morning before school. Those were my worst moments in the morning..😥 listening to old loud music .And early morning news that woke you up.What I dont even understand is why radio presenters of early shows are characterized by very bold voices.😂

Another worst moment with my mother was on academic days in school.. my friends really had cool parents😎(not saying mine aren’t cool) they’d only see the class teacher ..see the results and leave or spend more time with their kids …but my mum always insisted on seeing every subject teacher. 

Sunday’s were even worse with my mum she would make me and my elder sister wear the same outfit..as much as the outfits were different colours me and my sister hated that .

There was never an excuse of missing church. Church was compulsory.. and I really thank her for the 19 year old girl(woman) I have grown to become…

African parents are the best and will always be the best !!     cheers to them😍