African parents

I was listening to some Rhumba song today and I remembered how my mother was a real African parent.

She used to turn on the radio very early in the morning before school. Those were my worst moments in the morning..😥 listening to old loud music .And early morning news that woke you up.What I dont even understand is why radio presenters of early shows are characterized by very bold voices.😂

Another worst moment with my mother was on academic days in school.. my friends really had cool parents😎(not saying mine aren’t cool) they’d only see the class teacher ..see the results and leave or spend more time with their kids …but my mum always insisted on seeing every subject teacher. 

Sunday’s were even worse with my mum she would make me and my elder sister wear the same much as the outfits were different colours me and my sister hated that .

There was never an excuse of missing church. Church was compulsory.. and I really thank her for the 19 year old girl(woman) I have grown to become…

African parents are the best and will always be the best !!     cheers to them😍


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