Girl power

As I walked to my bed.. I felt like i  was not okay “I’m insecure,”I said to myself.

I could not come to terms with the kind of disrespect women are shown in this present day generation.😌

I could not understand how people decided to go for racism and gender inequality over a woman president.I could not come to terms  with the us election results. I sat wondering the fate of women in the society.

 People might say that it doesn’t concern me,but we’ really does .Feminist understand the feeling of being demeaned and being fixed to inferiority.

I feel like women need to be embraced they need to be appreciated, they need to be loved. despising women won’t make you better, neither will it add you esteem.

On the other hand I feel like women should support each other. I believe in the power of  togetherness amongst women. 

when women support each other incredible things happen

 Today I stand supporting women, women who struggle to provide, working women who balance their carees and their families, women are entitled to careers just like men, single mother’s who are father figures to their children .

All women are entitled to  opportunities and jobs just like men.

Worldwide women continue to contribute to social,cultural and political achievement. This year’s world women’s day theme  was #pledgeforparity we preach for equality because both men and women have the same capabilities God did not create the two genders one superior than the other.we are both equal before him.

I appreciate women who have always stood for other women. women in other countries and areas who are inferior and have no way in political and social suggestions before men.

I turned 20 this November,I had grown blindly but after turning 18 I learnt to embrace my capabilities. I learnt to sorround myself with stronger women, women that give me hope,strength and encouragement. I learnt nothing is special about men that women cannot perform 

Seeing how women are treated gives me strength to fight and soldier on . We really need to show young girls that anything is possible and that they can achieve anything.