He left.

For years I was not in love with the reflection that stared back at me on the mirror.But when I met him he liked everything he saw…and I started having the best days of my life.

But now he is gone,he found himself a beautiful girl when things fell apart between us. Now my mind is plagued with memories of us together, from the warmth of his breath I felt on my neck, to the cuddles, to chocolates I got during my four worst days of the month.

I’m now seated on my bed lonely; no intresting late night conversations we had together, but still with shock and disbelief that he has already replaced me.

The way he looked at her,showed how in love he was with her, 😐 I wondered if he ever looked at me like that… He already took her to one of the best restaurants in town,a place he never took me to. As I walked in to one of my fav icecream places. I spotted them seated at the corner on the right..which was actually  one of our best spots when we went for icecream together.

I am in this place in my life where I have to be strong, strong enough to pick up my pieces and put them back together. This place is scary I swear! Now I have to feel the voids   and vacuums that had been created and left unattended to.

The flower doesn’t dream of the bee, it blossoms and the bee comes.

 Now I invent love stories hoping that they’ll happen to me one day. I wear dresses more often,slay my hair,paint my nails in bright colours,treat myself to expensive food and go out more often. Now I find solace in cooking for people I love,striving to do best with whatever I put my mind to and making my friends happier.

I am finally readjusting to things that make me feel whole again.