There days you wake up feeling so blessed, One of those days is sunday.

Woke up and prepared myself for mass, my church  not so far from my place I  am out of the house by 9:50. I get to  church and I’m late kidogo tu..I prefer not to seat at the back so I move a few seats infront. 

Only to seat next to this cute guy..he actually wore this shoes I like men in. I couldn’t stoop so low and make him realize that I was admiring him.

Most Catholics can relate of how we say prayers all through the mass.. this guy was not singing …maybe he didn’t feel like opening his mouth yet😄

During concecration..we all were saying this part”Lord I’m not worthy that you should enter under  my roof but only say a word and my soul shall be healed”  His breath killed my entire being🙄…ungefikiria lorry za city council zimepita😂

There’s nothing bad like a cute guy with bad breath.. bad breath turns people off.. Thank God the mass was almost over …I couldn’t deal!


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