“MEN with their boyz”

Before me and him separated it was all about him and his group of friends. I somehow represent girls who are in the same situation and are probably tired of being loyal to their loves  who prefer their friends over them.

They say that at some point you just learn to let go. agree.  Coz it took a moment to let go. I let go a little, then I held back and then I finally released myself. I noticed the difference from way back then to how he had changed.

He chose his friends over me and they weren’t good for him,I had to cry because it wasn’t easier seeing him choose them over a girl that loved him.

I’m sorry I have to move on which means you can’t ask for a second chance.

I’m sorry that I don’t feel the urge to call you or text you when something reminds me of you.

I’m sorry to mention that I don’t treasure the memories we had together, not even dreaming of living them again.

I’m sorry I’m not scared of meeting someone new or falling in love again.

I’m sorry I’m not afraid to be alone.

I’m sorry  I don’t sleep my ass all day or drink to forget you .